Tips for New and Inexperienced Insurance Agents.


When you’re first starting out as a licensed health insurance agent, you’re always on the lookout for suggestions from “the pros” on ideas to make your life easier. Below are seven of the “best of the best” ideas you might consider as you begin your new career in health insurance sales.

Dress professionally

It seems obvious, but these days it seems “common sense” is a little less common. Dressing for success is important. If you look sharp, you’re more likely to be taken seriously. (And it won’t hurt your self-esteem either.)

Relate to your prospect or client

If you’re a millennial, and you’re meeting with millennial prospects or clients, use terms and language they will know and understand. On the other hand, if you’re younger, and you’re meeting with someone older, from another age group – say a baby boomer or Generation Xer born in the 1946 to 1976 period – you may want to be a bit less casual and more respectful. Many in this age group don’t want to hear it’s “not a problem” in response to their questions. Always focus on what you can do to help your prospects and clients, so they feel good about meeting and talking with you and putting their future financial security in your hands.

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