Know 6 tips from David Justin Urbas before purchasing health insurances

Though having a health insurance is crucial for managing the medical expenses, most of the people do not realize its importance. In most cases, people end up choosing a wrong health insurance. Here, David Justin Urbas, has pointed out some tips, so that you can get the right health insurance.

Be selective for choosing the insurance policy:

You may find different companies offering life insurance. But, each one of these do not have the same policy. Some companies focus on reimbursing the family members while others let you meet the expenses during treatment. Decide which one you prefer more and then choose the insurance company.

Know your future requirements:

Before choosing any health insurance policy, you have to understand the future requirements the requirements will vary depending on the family members too. For example, the benefits you need for meeting expenses of aging parents will be different than those for the new moms. Thus, before deciding the policy, have clear idea on your requirements, analyze whether the chosen policies will be suitable for meeting those requirements and then take the decision.

Know the type of insurance types:

A family insurance policy can be of different types. You may choose the cashless a policies over the reimbursement types. You can think of having a floater policy so that all members get benefited in long run. If you do not have clear idea on different types of health insurances, try asking questions to the service providers. It will make you able to understand the policies offered by insurance companies. Once, you have adequate information in hand, compare among different policies and then make an informed choice.

Know the right amount of ‘sum assured’:

‘Sum Assured’ is the highest amount that you can get through reimbursement or any other way from insurance service provider. Whatever be the policy you choose, the ‘sum assured’ will be the prime concern. You have to choose such an amount so that the ever rising medical costs can be paid. On the flip side, you should keep the amount of premium in mind also. It means, for getting high ‘sum assured’ you have to pay high premium also. So, while choosing an insurance with large ‘sum assured’ , check whether the premium is within the budget or not.

Know the listed hospitals:

Every insurance service provider has some selected hospital. These hospitals have tie -up with those insurance companies. If you are under a treatment in one of these hospitals, you can get some extra benefits. Thus, before choosing any insurance company, knowing the listed hospitals would be a good idea. You have to check reputation, services offered by those hospitals and their distance from your home too before taking the decision.

You can check whether your chosen insurance service provider has tie-up with multi specialty hospitals or not. Presence of such hospitals in the list can be effective to get better treatment later.

Understand how to calculate the premium:

Almost every insurance company uses similar formula for calculating the premium. Still, the sum you have to pay monthly or yearly, can vary slightly for different factors. Before buying the insurance, know the formula your chosen service provider is using to avoid extra expenses.


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