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Justin Urbas - Some important details about international accident compensation


Two types of legal recourse

When it comes to holiday accident compensation the law can become very complicated and it is difficult to summaries the position in brief. However, generally speaking, there are two types of legal recourse available to the injured party.

1. Claiming against a UK company if the accident occurred while in premises, engaging in activities or using products which were purchased in the UK.

2. Claiming holiday accident compensation through foreign courts in the country in which the accident happened.

Why the distinction in holiday accident compensation?

The legal distinction is to do with both where the contract was formed and the nature of the right which arises from a contract.

Contract Law rights

A right under Contract Law is generally a right which acts against a person, not against property. Therefore, it is possible to sue someone if they break a contract to sell you their car, but the right is against the individual and so results in an award of damages from that person to you, it does not result in a court order against the contract-breaker to actually sell the car.

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