HealthAssure: Covering the corporate health insurance gap

How do companies take care of their employees’ health? Ask human resource departments and, more often than not, the answer is: “We buy our employees an insurance policy.” While that takes care of hospitalisation and emergency treatment, it neglects primary and preventive health care.

It was this gap in the market that Varun Gera, 46, sought to fix when he set up HealthAssure in 2011. “Our aim was simple,” says Gera, founder and CEO of the company. “To tie up with a network of laboratories and doctors across the country, and offer companies a lump sum plan that they could then pass on to their employees.” If a company wants to conduct a regular health check-up for employees, it can sign up and the HealthAssure network across India would help facilitate the check-ups. The company has access to laboratories in cities as diverse as Tezpur in Assam, Bhuj in Gujarat and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.

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